CRT Aegis™ Data System
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Product Information

The Concept

CRT has developed this program to provide our public safety officials and property managers with a proactive, preplanning, response and recovery resource intended to enhance critical first response effectiveness in today’s world of the unpredictable emergency situation.  Our program is scaled for your property and customized for the specific public safety jurisdiction that responds to that property.

What We Do

CRT collects critical information relating to the people and the operation of your facility and creates a specialized electronic knowledgebase of overlapping multi-media information. The resulting data output is published in a quickly retrievable, user friendly, browser-based application.

This application provides a truly unique opportunity to not only to retrieve and disseminate information quickly but to continually review and assess Risks & Vulnerabilities while maintaining the most current critical information possible.

Our completed product deliverable includes multiple interactive Multi-Media Reports covering all critical operating and informational elements of the building/complex/property complete with the following ten core elements:

What We Are Not

We are not an emergency planning or disaster recovery company. While our consultants are well qualified to author any and all of the plans listed below this is not our business model. 

We do, however, review and incorporate the content of all of your emergency plans for necessary program coordination and inclusion in the database.

Additionally we have significant resources in the form of partnerships with capable and trusted companies who specialize in this type of work.

We would be happy to facilitate the completion of any of these plans as a separate value added service.

  • Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans (CEMP)
  • Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP)
  • Continuity of Government Plans (COG)
  • Emergency Operations Plans (EOP)
  • Evacuation Plans (EP)
  • Security/Risk & Vulnerability Assessments (SVA or VA)
  • Business Continuity Plan (BCP)


  • Save lives
  • Limit liability
  • Protect the property asset
  • Increased security
  • Tenant attraction
  • Tenant retention
  • Increased safety
  • Insurance savings
  • Increase bottom-line profit
  • Enhanced relationships (communication and coordination) with local public safety agencies (police and fire)
  • Provides a deterrent effect based on increased awareness and vigilance of tenants and employees


  • Reports – Bulleted outline format reports on over fifty building operational areas with interactive links to associated supporting multimedia (i.e. tables, photo arrays, floor plans, video walk-throughs, CCTV monitoring, Geospatial mapping, sensor monitoring, personnel tracking and mass notification elements)    
  • Tables and Databases – Tables and databases serve to supplement outline reports in useful row and column configurations making this type of information easy to understand (i.e. elevator service tables, stairwell tables, stacking plans, contact database, hazmat database, etc.)
  • Digital Photo Arrays – Photos are captioned, organized and GEO-Coded (outside photos) in a portfolio series based on operating system, location and venue
  • Floor Plans – Interactive CAD floor plans with links to all key reporting elements
  • Video walk-throughs of all major common areas in and around the building and property
  • CCTV -  Ability to monitor and control building CCTV camera system in real-time from the web interface control panel
  • Geospatial – Ability to draw upon the open source GIS database through predefined queries to obtain a vast quantity of information relating to the client property as well as surrounding properties, from 200 to 25,000 feet.  Also included are photo supplemented electronic aerial tours of the client property and surrounding areas as well as high resolution “fly-over” digital photos and HD video.
  • Sensor Monitoring – Ability to monitor a wide variety of access control and life safety sensors including intrusion control and fire alarm sensors, access control systems and equipment/machinery monitoring sensors, as well as the ability to track critical personnel, special needs employees and visitors using RFID and Wi-Fi technologies.
  • Mass Notification – Provides immediate emergency notifications via multi-lingual voice, pager and web pages (email, text messages, phones and web sites).  Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF) compliant with the ability to share data between all applications.  Includes customizable data collection, query and delivery.


  • Basic high-rise pricing is per square foot of building floor space area
  • Campus type environments are priced based on a combination of buildings’ square footage and surrounding open areas
  • Service/maintenance agreements are offered in order that the most current up-to-date information possible is available to first responders and the property management teams
  • Insurance discounts negotiated with the carrier allowing the property owner to offset the cost of the program and maintenance in a two to five year time-span.  Continued saving in subsequent years would actually add to the property’s bottom-line based on premium savings

Payment and Funding Options

  • Funding for your first responder program and maintenance agreement can be accomplished in a variety of ways
    • Discount for full payment in advance
    • A percentage down payment at the start of the project with incremental payments or draws as the project progresses (typically 90 days)
    • A percentage down payment and equal monthly payments, including reasonable market rate interest, over a fixed or flexible number of years (terms negotiable)
    • Lease
    • Grants
    • Private Foundations

Click Here to Download the Aegis Brochure (pdf)