Aegis – Product Tour Summary
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Aegis product tour summary
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Summary of the Aegis Product Tour

The preceding tour pages represent only a small portion of the reporting elements available in the Aegis First Responder System.

During an emergency, confusion, panic and chaos quickly set in. This can become a serious challenge to a safe evacuation, containment of the situation and an effective first response.

The manner in which your facility staff handles the situation could literally mean life or death for themselves, other employees, tenants, visitors and first responders. Additionally, a mismanaged emergency can cause increased property damage, greater liability, and a negative public image.

Buildings, facilities and properties today are valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Your management budgets are huge. Your responsibilities are even larger.

Effective emergency preparedness requires professional emergency planning, a powerful information collection, retrieval and dissemination program, program training and the regular exercising of all elements of your plan. Conduct your emergency planning from a position of proactive preparedness.

Now is not the time to ignore the critically important issue of emergency preparedness. Cutting corners here could leave you and your company exposed for a damaging and unrecoverable landslide of liability.

However, now IS the time to get serious and engage a proven and reliable professional consulting firm that possesses the tools, the professional partnerships and the resources to do the job right.

We invite you to contact the CRT team to discuss the benefits of the Aegis system for your facility.


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