Core Element Seven - Geospatial - Satellite Parcel View
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Example of a Satellite Parcel View

Core Element Seven – Geospatial – Satellite Parcel View

This is a view of Aegis property parcel map. Property information is generated by county level GIS departments in conjunction with the county tax assessor’s office.

  • Client property is shown in the center of the orange parcel blocks. 
  • The orange parcel blocks, in this case, represent properties within a 500 foot radius of the client property.
  • As an example, the parcel query and view feature can be utilized to identify properties adjacent to an emergency situation. A contact list can then be quickly generated in order to issue a cover in place notification. 
  • The parcel view dashboard has pre-programmed settings that display all critical information about the client property and adjacent properties.
  • Critical adjacent property information is gathered during the initial Aegis deployment phase  -- to be available at the onset of an emergency incident.
  • Property information is updated annually as part of the Aegis update program.