Core Element Four - Floor Plans - Engineering Level Example
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Core Element Four - engineering floor plan
Screen Showing Engineering Level Floor Plan

 Core Element Four - Floor Plans - Engineering Level Example

This is a sample floor plan of an engineering section/level in a typical high-rise building.

The Aegis system links all applicable core elements of the program to the selected floor plan forming a visual interactive index to all data resources available for access on that particular floor or geographical area.

Floor plan information includes the following items:

All floor plan information is interactive, linked and cross-referenced to other reporting elements such as general outline report on that particular floor or operating area and includes the following items:

  • Emergency contact lists
  • Hazmat inventories
  • Tables
  • Photo arrays
  • Links to other floor plans
  • Walk through video
  • CCTV
  • Sensor monitoring
  • Asset tracking
  • Mass notification
  • Other pertinent information relating to that floor or level of the building