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Product Tour

Take a tour of our browser-based interface that delivers the Aegis system.


Who's At Risk?

You are - if you have people, data and physical assets to protect.

Who We Are and What We're Not

We are an emergency preparedness and response company that provides a cutting edge, web-based multimedia data resource for use by first responders and building management teams during all phases of an emergency situation.

We strengthen the partnerships between building management teams and public safety to greatly increase the efficiency of first response. 

We believe that rapid, informed response and coordination saves lives.

We are not a business continuity company, a disaster recovery company or a one-to-many emergency broadcast solution firm. 

Key Benefits

CRT’s Aegis data system is a web-based multimedia software program delivering critical building information to the fingertips of public safety officials before, during and after an emergency. Key benefits include:

  • Saving Lives
  • Minimizing Damage
  • Limiting Liability
  • Creating a Positive Public Image

Aegis software enables first responding police officers, fire fighters and building managers to gain an instant and clearly focused snapshot of your property through the lens of our multimedia database.

Through preparedness, planning and training a quick, effective and safe response saves lives, protects property and limits liability. Follow your plan and your training - no delays, no concerns, no hesitation - just rapid, informed response to any emergency situation.

Aegis Features

ACI collects your property’s critical data in order to create a specialized electronic Knowledge Base of information.  The resulting data output is published in a quickly retrievable, user friendly, Browser-Based application. Features include:

  • Consolidated Multi-Media Knowledge Base
  • Emphasis On Geography and Orientation
  • Reports On All Critical Building Systems, Rosters and Inventories
  • Appendices (Supplemental Graphic Information)
  • CADD Floor Plans
  • High Resolution Digital Photos (Captioned and GEO-Coded)
  • Video Walk-Through (Captioned)
  • Monitor CCTV in Real-Time
  • High Degree of “Situational Awareness”
  • Internet (Secure Server) or Local Access